Welcome to our Web-Site.

Our main aim is to design quality web-sites, quickly and for a reasonable cost.

To give you an idea of what can be created we have created some mock-ups of several Page Types and Special Effects that we are able to code. Please feel free to look through them, and if you see anything that you would like included in your web-site just tell us.

In addition to this we have included information that you may find useful (Web-Site Information). If you feel that some important information is missing and should be included please contact us.


As we are just starting this web-site we have decided to offer reduced fees of $50 per page or $50 per hour (whichever is the greater) for sites up to $500 and $50 per hour after that. Each page includes 1 hour coding/uploading. Some pages take less than 1 hour to code (some take more). To give you value for money we will spend any spare time from screens that take less than 1 hour will be used on screens that take more than 1 hour. In all probability the more screens you want coded the more the costs should even out.

Finder Fees

If you reccomend our services to someone and they hire us to construct a web-site for them we will pay you a 10% finders fee. The finders fee paid only on costs above $500. So for a web-site costing $1000 you get $50 (10% of $500), not $100 (10% of $1000). You will get this fee only after the web-site has been completed and we have been paid.

Site Statistics

To help us configure this website to suit the majority of browsers and operating systems we are collecting some basic statistics about those visiting our web-site.

If you want similar information gathering code added to your web-site just ask (I can add code from clustermaps, Google Analytics or Statcounter). If you choose to use clustermaps a small map of the world is displayed on your web-site. It shows the general locations of people who have viewed the page.

Site Updates

Bash Computer
We are always trying to add new features/pages to this web-site to provide visitors with as much useful information, so a few errors now and then are bound to happen (nobody is perfect). Now we will do our best to find and fix these errors but unless we know they exist we cannot fix them. So, if you find any spelling mistakes or other errors we would appreciate you using the contact form to tell us.